Friday, February 02, 2007

Types of Property in Garrett County

Something that makes Garrett County so unique is the diverse real estate market in the county. From sprawling lake front homes, to Ski-in/Ski-out townhomes, to rustic log cabins in the woods, Garrett County offers a wide variety of property choices for home buyers. Below is a short description of the various types of properties available in Garrett County:

Deep Creek Mountain Resort
Much of the development in Garrett County over the past several years has been in and around Deep Creek Mountain Resort (the Resort's Master Plan is pictured below). Deep Creek Mountain Resort is located on and around Marsh Mountain, next to Marsh Run Cove (which adjoins Deep Creek Lake), and includes the Wisp Ski Area, the Wisp Golf Course, the Adventure Sports Center International featuring a man-made re-circulating whitewater course, hike and bike courses, as well as future development plans such as a second golf course, a mountaintop village, as well as more skiable terrain. Properties within Deep Creek Mountain Resort offer many amenities such as lake access, Ski-in/Ski-out access, scenic views, as well as the convenience of being located inside the resort.
Though not within the Deep Creek Mountain Resort, there are several developments that feature Ski-in/Ski-out access. One popular community is the Villages of Wisp Townhomes which offer easy ski access as well as partial lake access.

Ski Area
A more affordable option than ski-in/ski-out property are the many ski area homes that surround Wisp. These properties feature a convenient short drive or walk to the slopes without the ski-in ski-out premium price.

Lake Front
The oldest and often most popular properties in Deep Creek are those that front the lake. These homes offer the ultimate convenience of lake-side living. Swimming, fishing, and boating all within a few feet from home.

Lake Access
A lake enthusiast can also select from the more affordable lake-access properties, which while not fronting the lake, do offer a guaranteed boat slip for enjoyment of the lake. Over the years as slip access on Deep Creek Lake has become more and more difficult to obtain, these properties have become very popular.

Lake Area
While these properties do not offer a dedicated boat slip, they are still within a very short drive or walk from the lake, offering a property a convenient distance from the lake at a fraction of the cost of a lake access property.

Off Lake
While Garrett County is known for Deep Creek Lake, the further you go from the lake the more affordable prices become. Off lake areas offer several different types of living such as in the small town communities of Oakland, Mt. Lake Park, Accident, Grantsville and Friendsville or the more rural and secluded areas off the beaten path such as near the Savage River State Forest, Backbone Mountain, or near Swallow Falls and the Yough River.

Below is a map of Garrett County:


Jay said...

Hey Gary,
I was thinking of more a day trip tomorrow, just coming out to see the snow and scenery, and maybe grab some good local food.
Any good and beautiful roads that a Honda front wheel drive can handle?
Lemme know, Ill be leaving tomorrow morning.

Gary said...

Tomorrow would be great, we picked up about 3 inches or so today...but I believe it will stop snowing over night so the roads should get better. 219 (aka Garrett Highway) should be fine for your 2wd. If you take 219 through town (past the Long and Foster office in McHenry) to Arrowhead Market, you'll get to see a good bit of scenery (and a frozen Deep Creek Lake) after that maybe try taking Glendale road (turn left at the light at Arrowhead) but again, turn around if the road crews dont get there in time. Also..the roads leading into Wisp (make a right at the Exxon Station after the Comfort Inn in McHenry onto Sang Run Road, then follow signs) should be passable and good scenery. Hope you enjoy yourself!