Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Early, but a Winter Storm is Possible Early Next Week

While Garrett County has received quite a bit of snow over the past several weeks, most of the snow has been due to upslope, lake effect, and small synoptic systems. Thus far, Garrett County has yet to endure a major synoptic system such as a nor'easter.

However, current weather models are indicating a storm is possible early next week. While several chances at storms so far this year have looked promising, only to fizzle out as the event drew closer, this upcoming system has several features that resemble major storms of years past. While still far too early to draw any conclusions, there is the chance at a major winter storm affecting the Garrett County area early next week. Exact track and snow amounts will need to be narrowed down over the weekend. Pictured below is the latest American model interpretation of the upcoming storm system, valid 1pm Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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