Monday, February 05, 2007

Bitter Cold Pushes Through Garrett County

The temperature dipped down to -9.2 this morning at 7:40 am. Wind chill values are between -20 and -35. Today's high is forecasted to rebound only to 5 above. Use extra caution today if you are in the area and going out. Tuesday night, an energetic clipper system is forecasted to move close to the region and, depending on the exact track, it may bring another moderate accumulation to the area.


Jay said...

Drove up on Saturday and spent a few hrs driving around, its beautiful out there, I heard you got more snow that night? is that true? Anyways, i look forward to returning. Is this a more typical stretch of weather for you guys? or is this even more extreme than normal?
temp was about 18 when we were there, looked like that was the warmest, and it looked like about a foot on the ground with drifts much higher.
very nice man, ur lucky to live there!

Gary said...

Hi Jay, yes this is pretty normal weather for Garrett County in the winter. Temps average in the mid 20's, and most winters we have a snow pack during the majority of the season. It’s a remarkable fact that Garrett County actually receives more snow annually than Anchorage Alaska (and only 3 hrs from DC). Glad you enjoyed yourself during your visit!