Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December Snow Drought About to End?

So far this December, Garrett County has only received approximately 5 inches of snow. GC historically averages about 20 inches in December. Garrett's two least snowy Decembers were 1971 (4.5 inches) and 1986 (5.5 inches).

However, signals are pointing toward a possibility of snow for Christmas night through the 26th. At this point it is highly speculative but enough computer models are pointing toward the possibility of cyclonic development over the Gulf Coast Christmas eve and tracking northeastward....a track that would favor snow for western Maryland. However, at this point we are still too far out to make a definitive call and the details will still have to be worked out. Nonetheless, after a very warm and snowless November and December at least it appears we will be getting back to seasonal temperatures as we approach the New Year.

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